Our family’s secret recipe of seeds, compost and clay. First, we select the highest quality annual and perennial seeds (non-GMO) with proven germination rates in growing zones 2 thru 9. Then, we hand mix the seeds for each of our five blends with nutrient-rich soil from compost. Finally, we bind each batch together with the perfect amount of clay -- a clay that won’t damage or kill the seeds, but will allow our hand shaped Seedpodz to open in the rain and bloom in the sunshine.

The wind blows away some seeds, which can prevent pollinator-friendly habitat from growing. Also, loose seeds look like breakfast to birds. Seedpodz protect the seeds when they are most vulnerable to both spoilers. And with their dome top and flat bottom, Seedpodz bloom where you toss them. No rolling downhill!

The old fashioned way. We mix each batch by hand in a 20-quart stainless steel bowl. Then, we individually shape them. Finally, our tried-and-true drying process eliminates the false germination starts that can kill seeds.

Mechanizing the process could damage our more delicate seeds. What’s more, making them by hand gives us more quality control by helping us better gauge Seedpodz density. Too much pressure, and they need lots of rain to open and cover a smaller growing footprint. Too little compression, and they crumble when shipped.

Traditional sphere shaped seed bombs and seed balls roll. The flat bottom on our Seedpodz gives you more control about where you want to grow. It also creates more surface area with the ground to create a larger growing footprint per Seedpodz and better value for you.

NO. Absolutely not. Some of our competitors add these ingredients to deter pests from eating the seeds. This is very cruel as pepper oils can burn the animal’s airway for some time. To offset pest-related losses we mix bonus seeds into every blend batch instead of peppers.

No. We trust Mother Nature to add the most amazing color and have committed to only pure and natural ingredients.

On average, one Seedpodz during its first growing season covers roughly the same area as an 8 ½-inch by 11-inch piece of paper. However, the pollinator habitat will expand every season thereafter.

Yes! Try placing more than one Seedpodz around the area you designate for pollinator habitat. Or, drop a Seedpodz in a cup of water and gently stir to dissolve it. Then, pour that mixture over the pollinator habitat area. Finish up by loosely spreading straw or elevated bird netting to protect loose seeds from birds.

All of our five Seedpodz blends include a variety of annuals and perennials to provide both quick color and lasting color. So, the seeds in Seedpodz germinate at different rates -- some within days and some within weeks. Also, note that seeds stay dormant until air and ground conditions are right after rain.

A crack in a city sidewalk will do! But many of our customers use them for backyard borders or to create a pollinator habitat patch by their fence or veggie patch. Others toss them out the car window en route to a vacation destination and appreciate the colorful habitat taking shape the next year! Still others plant them in pots on their deck.

No. Seedpodz are so easy! Because they come wrapped in nutrient rich compost, no soil preparation or planting is needed. And our robust seeds will fight for a spot even amongst grasses.

You can drop a Seedpodz in the middle of a pot filled with soil; position it for sunlight; and water daily or as needed. Or, dissolve a Seedpodz in a cup of water and pour the mixture over a soil-filled pot to expand the growing footprint. Until seeds germinate, keep the planter inside away from birds and water daily or as needed.

About two years -- another reason why Seedpodz make perfect year ‘round gifts!

Yes! Definitely. We are a family run business and support unique custom orders big and small. To discuss your ideas, please contact us.

Absolutely! We want more people to join us in this most colorful conservation effort and welcome opportunities to partner with retailers. For details, contact us.

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