"Easy, colorful conservation for your backyard and beyond!"

growing seedpod

Toss it or plant it!
We hand mix and shape our Seedpodz
--seeds in nutrient-rich soil--
to open in the rain and bloom in the sunshine.

  • Proven germination rates in zones 2-9 with 2-year seed viability.
  • Customized seed blend of non-GMO annuals and perennials.
  • Uniquely shaped with a dome top and a flat bottom to land without rolling downhill.
  • Additive-free. Safe for pets and wildlife. Not for human consumption.

Seedpodz Blends

Bee Blend

You can change the buzz about bees and other pollinators declining by building a backyard conservation haven. Seedpodz Bee Blend rings the dinner bell for bees while adding color to your greenspace.

Seeds: Lavender Hyssop, Cape Forget-me-not, New England Aster, China Aster, Siberian Wallflower, Lance-leaf Coreopsis, Dwarf Sulphur Cosmos, Chinese Forget-me-not, Purple Prairie Clover, Purple Coneflower, California Poppy, Blanketflower, Basil, Red Poppy, Lacy Phacelia, Scarlet Cinquefoil, Slender Mountainmint, Prairie Coneflower, Sweet Mignonette.

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Edible Flowers Blend

Edible flowers add color and novelty to dinners and desserts served at gourmet restaurants. Seedpodz Edible Flowers Blend now invites you to bring color and conservation to the table at home. For some inpirational recipes to help you use your edible flowers, click here!

Seeds: Cilantro, Nasturtium and Chives have tangy flavors while Dianthus is spicy and clove-like. Borage is a cool, cucumber-like flavor, and Calendula has a mild, peppery taste. Cornflower, Johnny Jump-up, Pansy and English Daisy have mild, slightly sweet flavors. Lavender Hyssop has a licorice flavor while Lemon Mint has a strong, minty flavor.

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Butterfly and Hummingbird Blend

The Seedpodz Butterfly & Hummingbird Blend attracts both in their whimsical pollination patterns while adding vibrant color to robust conservation efforts.

Seeds: Wild Cosmos, Chinese Forget-me-not, Purple Coneflower, Baby’s Breath, Rose Mallow, Baby Snapdragon, Arroyo Lupine, Lemon Mint, Red Poppy, Scarlet Sage, Dwarf Sunspot Sunflower, Black-eyed Susan, None-so-pretty, Crimson Clover, Nasturtium, Zinnia Mix.

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Healing Herbs Blend

Seedpodz Healing Herbs Blend helps everyday gardeners feed pollinators and find natural ways to remedy ailments through homemade teas, lotions, and salves. For some inpirational recipes to help you use your healing herbs, click here!

Seeds: Sweet Basil, Chives, Cilantro, Oregano, Plain Leaf Parsley, Dill, Rosemary, Thyme.

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Beneficial Bugs Blend

Instead of using chemical sprays and pesticides to defend your garden from aphids and other destructive bugs, try Seedpodz Beneficial Bugs Blend to attract and maintain nature’s army.

Seeds: Calendula mix, Cosmos mix, Crackerjack-marigold mix, Sweet alyssum.

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Wholesale Seedpodz

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Your customers, be they first time gardeners or veteran growers, will buy this throw-and-go item to:

  • Nurture pollinator habitats for bees, butterflies and other beneficial bugs.
  • Produce an herb garden for tea, salves, lotions or salad greens.
  • Create a peaceful butterfly garden with hummingbirds.
  • Grow flowers that dress up any dinner plate.
  • Assist the organic gardener with Seedpodz Beneficial Bugs blend.
Because we cherish sustainability at New Leaf Seedpodz, lots of eco-friendly consideration goes into every step of our conservation-related work -- from our commitment to use only non genetically modified organism seeds to our natural cotton bag packaging and no gloss, compostable tag.
We celebrate easy, colorful conservation for the backyard and beyond -- a concept that sells well as both eco-friendly gift items and convenient habitat starters for the busy people shopping at your garden center, nursery, boutique gift shop or hardware store.
For all of our seed blends we hand mix ingredients in 20-quart salad bowls to customize each small batch to meet high standards:

  • Proven germination rates in zones 2-9 with 2-year seed viability.
  • Customized non-GMO seeds blend of annuals and perennials.
  • Uniquely shaped with a dome top and flat bottom to land without rolling downhill.
  • Additive-free. Safe for pets and wildlife. Not for human consumption.
Our price structure offers an appealing point of sale price with attractive margins; affordable MOQs with a free counter display box available.
Our family owned and operated business looks forward to partnering with you to offer a high-quality, sustainable, eco-friendly product. We have wholesale opportunities availale throughout the United States.

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Customized Seedpodz

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Looking for conservation-friendly gifts for your guests or bridal party? New Leaf Seedpodz puts a memory maker of your special day in their hands. Wherever they toss or plant it, it will bloom and bring color to life. Budget-minded couples should know that we offer bulk rates on each of our seed blends with a DIY packaging option to save more if you like. And whether we pack it or you pack it, we can personalize each Seedpodz bag with a gift tag that celebrates your special day with a heartfelt message from you.

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Corporate Events

Is it time to thank your team or customers or wish them Happy Holidays? New Leaf Seedpodz can brand the tags and help you shape your message. By choosing from our Seedpodz blends, we hope you inspire them with a refreshingly different gift -- colorful conservation with lasting benefits. Contact us today to create the impression you want to make.

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Fundraising Events

This time make the fundraising campaign at your business, school or club an eco-friendly one by rewarding participants with a sustainable gift. All blends of New Leaf Seedpodz come with a splash of colorful conservation and zero waste in production and packaging.

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